How is my internship selected?

After you apply for the internship program, your CV will be reviewed and assessed by a selection of potential companies. Some companies may want to interview you, through either a video call or a phone call.

If you are successful in being chosen by a company, you will have a video meeting with your manager to discuss your role and get you started on some projects. You will continue working on your tasks and projects while checking in with your manager regularly.

What is the duration?

4 to 12 weeks, although longer placements can be made if your university requires it.

What are the hours?

Your weekly hours will depend on your preferences, the needs of your host organisation, and any requirements your university might have. Generally, hours can be 20 to 25 hours per week, so you can manage your internship around your studies and other commitments.

Do I need a visa?

You do not need a visa to complete a remote internship as you will not be travelling to any foreign countries.

What does a Remote Internship include:

1. Remote Internship with a host company

2. Full remote support throughout your internship experience from Partnership International.

3. Recommendation letter from your host company

4. Internship Certificate on completion, certified working hours, placement assessments and feedback to satisfy University requirements.